About the Programme

This programme will enable students to begin developing attributes associated with ‘’knowledge and its applications and creativity’’, which are essential for success in higher education and in the world of work.

It encourages students to see the significant overlap between study skills and employability skills. It provides the opportunity for students to reflect on and develop their existing abilities in both areas.

This programme will prepare students to succeed in their higher education / University programmes while allowing them to learn about and prepare themselves for employment in the twenty-first century through inquiry-based learning, problem-solving and critical and creative thinking.

Programme Modules

  • Communication for Academic and Professional Contexts
  • Learning Styles and Reading Strategies
  • Research Skills and Evaluating Citing Academic Sources
  • Applying Knowledge and Transferring Skills
  • Lifelong Learning in a Knowledge-Economy
  • Digital Literacy and Technology Skills

Entry Requirements

This programme is targeted at students who have been selected and waiting to start their university studies.

Delivery and Assessment

This programme will be delivered via Lectures, Seminars and Tutorials.

Awarded by

London Management Qualifications (LMQ), United Kingdom