London Graduate School of Management (LGSM) foster the culture of accountability and creates responsible citizens. We provide our next generation the power and information they need to tackle the challenge they face and build the community they want.

Our Vision

Be recognised as a global education hub and achieve educational excellence making positive impact in Higher Education.

Our Mission

Create opportunity for all individuals to have wider access to relevant and high quality of education that will empower them to acquire the skills, knowledge and attitude needed to contribute to global world and to meet current and future challenges.

Academic Governance at LGSM

The Board of Governance is an overarching body which is responsible for the oversight of London Graduate School of Management (LGSM) subject to the ultimate authority of the Board of Directors.


Basic duties of the board

  • Provide leadership, direction, and support to the college, setting its  strategy and priorities.
  • Promote commitment to the values and ethos of the college including  equality and diversity.
  • Ensure satisfactory delivery of the college’s performance and financial  objectives, high quality learning and outcomes, and a good learning  experience.
  • Be accountable to and maintain the trust of key stakeholders.
  • Comply with relevant legal and financial requirements.
  • Ensure identification and control of the main risks to delivery of the college’s responsibilities and business objectives.
  • Ensure staff have the appropriate skills, knowledge, culture and working  environment.
  • Adhere to the sector’s Code of Good Governance and the college’s relevant Financial Memorandum.

Additionally, the Board seeks to ensure that the College is well-managed and delivering quality education in accordance with the expectations of students, relevant awarding organisations and other Quality Assurance Agency and statutory bodies.


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