About the Programme

This course has been designed to help students develop their English language to find a job and succeed in the workplace.

Programme Modules

  • Finding a suitable job and applying for a job
  • Preparing for job interviews and relevant techniques 
  • Starting a job, line management and regulation at work
  • Working together
  • Meeting New Colleagues
  • Team Building activities
  • Making suggestions, agreeing and disagreeing

Entry Requirements

This is a standalone programme. There is no formal entry requirements for this course.

Delivery and Assessment

The course does not follow a language syllabus but takes workplace English as its starting point. It offers functional language phrases and real, authentic workplace scenarios. Short quizzes and discussions will help you measure your understanding and practise your English.

As you progress through the various topics, you’ll learn plenty of business English vocabulary and workplace English expressions that you can use at work and when applying for jobs.

Awarded by

In-house Diploma