About the Programme

This programme has been designed for any student planning to pursue their further / higher education programmes where English is the main language. This course is primarily for students whose first language is not English but will also be helpful for students who are coming into higher education after a long period away from studying or who are mature students looking for an opportunity to refresh their study skills

Programme Modules

  • Interpret key academic terminology and explore its importance and relevance to successful further and higher education study.
  • Identify key features and conventions of academic culture both online and on campus.
  • Apply the use of a dictionary to help you extend your academic vocabulary range.
  • Record new words effectively.
  • Identify the form of definitions and produce your own.
  • Produce the phonemic chart to help you pronounce new words.

Entry Requirements

This is a standalone programme. There is no formal entry requirements for this course.

Delivery and Assessment

This programme will be delivered in a flexible mode both online and in-class.

Awarded by

In-House Diploma